Welcome to Ninja’s Corner

Welcome to my little corner of the world. Well, not really a corner but a place where I can blog about anything from weather to fishing to photography and more. The picture above is one of my favorite places in central Arkansas. Pinnacle Mountain just west of Little Rock. It really isn’t a mountain as compared to the Rockies or Sierras but it looks like a volcano from a distance and is a lot of fun to climb. There are times when you can climb it and be the only one up there and there are times like the first warm day of spring when it seems everyone wants to get out of the house and get outside and there will be so many people at the top that you have to take turns getting good pictures.

My family started a little family tradition a few years ago that involved Pinnacle Mountain. My son, myself and my daughter will all get up around 5:30 am on Thanksgiving morning and hike to the top so we can watch the sunrise. It’s usually pretty chilly when we start out and it’s always dark so it’s really a fun adventure hiking through the woods with head lamps blazing. When we get to the top there’s usually some other people up there and it’s a great time to meet new people and be thankful for the things we have and the country we live in.

After pictures, we head down the mountain and I usually talk them in to stopping at Starbucks for hot coffee. This past Thanksgiving, my brother in-law from was visiting from North Carolina and he joined us. Hopefully he’ll continue with our little tradition.

My son and daughter stopping for a pic while we chill on top.

So if you haven’t guess by now, my little corner is Arkansas U.S.A. I moved here from California, spent a few years in Alaska, but came right back to Arkansas and have been here ever since. Besides the weather (stormy is better) I love everything about this state and can’t see myself living anywhere else. Wait…I do love the beach!

So this page will be dedicated to all the stuff that makes me who I am. Weather will be a big part of it but so will a lot of other things. So check back from time to time.

Thanks for reading.