Arkansas radar/temps at 5:00 AM showing snow across parts of the state (mainly southern half) and cold temperatures. With dry air at the surface some of what you see on radar isn't reaching the surface, is in parts of the south & seeing flurries in part of LR. #ARWX

An upper-level system moving across Arkansas and then developing will produce some light snow over the state tomorrow/tomorrow night w/NE and eastern AR favored but there could be some snow flakes in central sections as well. Stay tuned. #arwx

Look for clouds to decrease today across central Arkansas. It'll be a cold one with a high in the low 40s. North winds gusting to 25 mph at times will make it feel much colder. Lows tonight fall into the mid-20s and clouds roll back in on Wed with a small chance of snow. #arwx

Arkansas radar and temps at 6:30 AM showing a few light snow returns around central AR. Report of light snow around Hot Springs. Temps are cold ranging from the teens in the NW to the 20s and 30s elsewhere. #ARWX

When I say "we" I mean me. I know many of you like the colder weather. I would be perfectly happy with 90s right now. #arwx

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