Beautiful weather continues on Wednesday & Thursday before a cold front moves into the state and knocks our temps down a bit for Friday and Saturday. Data indicates below normal temperatures are a good bet next week. #arwx

BEAUTIFUL autumn weather across the Natural State today and tomorrow with plenty of sunshine and cool temperatures. High this afternoon around 68 in Little Rock and to a lot of people...perfect tomorrow with 72 degrees. Small rain chances on Thursday and Saturday. #arwx

Tommy Smith is asking what songs would you like played at your funeral on The Show With No Name @1037TheBuzz this morning. I went with AC/DC's Thunderstruck and end it with Wham's Wake Me Up Before You Go. Listen and call in this morning with yours.

Brrrrrrr. Looks like the coldest air since December of 1983 headed for central AR.... Not really but this glitch in the forecast is pretty chilly. Any takers??? #arwx

I think KARN in Little Rock got knocked off the air early this morning. I saw a huge lightning bolt hit on Shinall Mountain around 4:00 AM but not sure if that's where their transmitter is. #arwx

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